The not so top secret web project

If you are wondering how my web project is going, I’m glad to say that I’ve started work on it again. I would love to share it with you but wish to refrain for the time being, simply because there is so much to do on it. It’s layout keeps changing etc. It’s goal remains the same though and I shall talk about that a little bit more….

I’ve been tracking the location of my photographs using a gps device mounted to my camera for a little while and the site can handle this data. Images are submitted via email to the site, plotted on a map, so that the visitor can browse the map to click and open up the photos they wish to view.

The map defaults to your current location, so that you can see what is nearby. A useful tool for browsing photos of the world in which we live and to help plan travel outings.

The site is being designed to work on as many devices possible and uses HTML5, jquery, geolocation and the latest  CSS3. So it should look good on anything from a smartphone to a laptop or an iPad. Reasoning obviously that the site will ultimately become a travel tool as much as it will aim to be a perpetually evolving global gallery.

Photos will be for sale as prints and I will be looking for other contributors when the time comes. I already have people in mind for the project.

As I say other ideas are swirling in my head on this and for now I will shut up, other than to say that a small demo of some kind will become publicly available this side of Christmas!

2 thoughts on “The not so top secret web project

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  1. Not sure whether to retweet this and help spread the word or whether to keep it under my hat.


    Either way, I’ve got a pretty clear picture of how this might turn out, except for how contributors might contribute if they have not got a GPS device on their cameras.

    I like the way the project is shaping up.


    1. I would hold fire for the moment. The day I begin publicity will be once it is up and running with a few contributors involved which will start off at around a dozen. I will develop a tool that will allow you to assign a rough location to an image or suggest one that you can download to geotag your photos with. These tie in with Google maps and similar products… I am sure there are some apps out there that do it. You are quite right to say that not everyone will have a GPS unit or perhaps willing to buy one.


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