Transplant diary wins award

Yesterday I received an email notifying me that my blog has won an award! The Medical Billing and Coding organisation has been surfing the web on the lookout for diaries written by people who have received a transplant from a donor, as I did around 2 years ago. They chose 15 in total and mine was one of them.

It was a very strange part of my life and very challenging for the whole family. In the end, all came to a fantastic conclusion and the kidney is still going strong. Thanks Dad and hope you feel a little lighter?!! (I know you read this!).

I kept a blog during this time, sparing few details and in fact I haven’t read it much since but at the time it kept me sane whilst in hospital and many people have read it.

2 thoughts on “Transplant diary wins award

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  1. Congratulations. You wrote really well.

    I was just reminding myself about your articles about the operation, the virus, creatine levels, blood pressure, camaraderie in the wards, the doctors and everyone who helped you, and the fantastic show of love from your dad – it opened my eyes.


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