Coding Challenge #1: Getting there

Last week I set myself a programming challenge as part of a bigger thing I’m working on. This will now trigger off a wild frenzy from people who follow me on Buzz, as you will be asking, is it ready?

Well not entirely but a big chunk of it is on the server side. You’ll have to bear with me a little longer before you can see something online. Plus a bit more if you wish to actually be one of the first closed beta testers.

Apologies if this is all a bit cloak and dagger but I don’t want to tell you what this is before there is something for you to see.

Anyway I’ve got my email photos to the server bit working. A little more work is needed on this before I can work on the front-end and that is where the fun will begin!

Expect more over the next 3 weeks and some further announcements.

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