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The traveling photographer kitbag

I have been pondering over what to take with me to Portugal whilst staying within the luggage restrictions imposed on us these days. It’s really a fine balance between what I need and what I can leave behind.

The toughest decision is which lenses to take for the camera and last year, I think I did alright with this. I packed my 24-70, 30 and 18-200. You may quite rightly ask why didn’t I just take the last one? The answer being that it’s not much cop in low light, so would be of no use in churches etc. I can pack up to four lenses in my bag which fits within the size limits… but weightwise, not so sure.

I am also planning to take my netbook this year, so that I can offload all of my images onto it plus write my blog along the way. Hoping to squeeze it into my camera bag!

The fun of flying!

What do you take with you when traveling?  I’d be keen to know.

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  1. Yes, it’s not just a case of what will fit in carry-on luggage, but also what one carries around.

    The 24-70 covers the range for most things, but it is heavy. The 30mm gives you a 45mm equivalent field of view on a D300 and it is small and light.

    So for walking around with my loved one, I would put the 30mm on the camera and leave the other lenses in the hotel.

    I would make a note (perhaps taking a shot with the 30mm as a reference/memory jogger) of the shots that would do better with a longer/shorter lens and then make a specific trip to capture those.

    Having said all of that, I had one lens (35mm DX) on my camera for two months in India and I was fine using just that.

    I am currently wondering what to put on my full-frame camera. I’ve got a 50mm on it now and it is just a tad too narrow. I don’t like really wide lenses but something around 35-40mm would suit me. And that is what you have got on the wide end of your 24-70.

    It’s a hard call.

    Looking forward to seeing your shots.

  2. I love the idea of wondering mainly with one nice lens which in my case would happily be the 30mm (45mm equiv on the D300), as it suits the photography I shoot and records every detail impeccably. Bonus points gained as far as my wife Tina is concerned not having to wait for me to catch up as I am covered in lenses and for my spinal health also!

    Thanks for your thoughts, very helpful 🙂

  3. What brand is your 30mm? Is it DX?

    [I am looking for something wider than 50mm to fit my full-frame camera.]

    1. It’s a Sigma DX type lens, it is truly beautiful and the aperture ranges from 1.4 upwards, making it as fast as lightning (well, maybe).

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