Coding Challenge #1: Email photos to a website map

Fellow Bloggers, Tweeters and Buzzers, would you happen to know how the following could be achieved? I know it can be done as Buzz can do it for example!

I need to work out how to submit photos for display on a google map via email. Simple as that! Let me explain in more depth:

The user writes their email, attaches any number of photos to it, the subject acts as a title and the body of the email acts as an introduction to the set of photos. The server receives this email and files the attachments into a folder on the filesystem. Job done! Obviously the initial bit is easy but I need to work out how I can handle the emails at the server end and process them. Has anyone out there done anything like this before? Once the photos have been processed they will appear on the website in various ways.

This is definitely a question for the developers amongst you but I will put together a cool little demo product once I’ve cracked this that you can all play with. This little product will form an important part of a much bigger project I am working on that I will be revealing more details on at a later date in the year. Although these “Coding challenges” will reveal some of it as I go along just for the fun of it, to keep you all guessing!

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