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I am currently moving all of my sites onto a new Windows 2008 server from two old linux boxes. In the process a few things have gone a bit wonky. I’ve now fixed the permalinks on this site, as I have sorted out my URL Redirects in IIS7. Some thumbnails missing though. Possible cause? Monday!

UPDATE: 15:17: all fixed!

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  1. Hi

    I was having a look at your site after about a year and noticed that you had put a comment to sandy about coming around and photographing the kites in my garden. I stopped feeding them previously as it was costing me so much as 13 Red Kites were visiting my garden daily to the extent that if I went in the garden they started to appear shouting for food,

    But I fed them this Tuesday and Wednesday and within 10 mins the sky was black with them I had 19 circling and then on mass they came swooping down, what an awsome sight. They remind me of sharks when their shadows are cast across the grass slowly cruising past. I would happily have you come an take photos as they move so quick mine are rubbish.


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