Pebbles – Cross Processed

A very hot week ended and all I could think of was the coast. I left a stifling London behind, returned to sunny Hampshire and we loaded up the car and headed for a very warm Wittering in Sussex for the evening. The temperature there was much the same but the air was a lot nicer, we could breath. Since I took a bundle of lenses including my macro, I crawled around on the pebbles looking for nice graphical images.

I have done a little bit of a triptych here by producing an image from the original RAW file 3 times using different processing methods. The first image is the original as the beautiful warm light cast it’s rays across the subject. The second was produced using the cross processing presets in Lightrom 3 and the last was created with an orange filtered black and white preset. I also cropped to produce a square format that suits the triptych concept nicely. In fact I love square format images and may carry on doing this in the future.

You may as ever buy any of these images as prints. Why not buy all 3 to make up a fantastic triptych?

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