Contract extension and playing with new technology

I was very pleased last week to learn that my contract will be
extended for a further 3 months at Transport for London
( which will take it to a 6 month total. I have
a feeling it may roll beyond that but let’s not be presumptious.

Contracting in the world of IT is very much about opportunity and
these days you really have to keep your ears to the ground. If
something comes up that offers the prospects of learning new skills
plus perhaps working for a very well known name and not to forget the
money is good. Go for it! 🙂

I am staying where I am for now, as the job is good and there sounds
like a lot of interesting things coming up.

Am I learning new stuff though?

Yes I am and it is important to do so, especially as a contractor. If
you stop learning move on. I personally like to set goals for myself
and to keep these very much in mind. It is all too easy to let them
slip by and lose sight of your ambitions.

What am I learning at the moment?

I am beginning to pick up on newer .NET technology which I was unable
to touch previously. Google technology and XML feeds play an important
role in what I have been doing. I like the idea of being able to add
GSA to my CV. I’ve also been put in charge of learning more about some
great new mapping technology that I can’t really tell you too much
about just yet. Mapping and location tools are all very much on the
web landscape at the moment and it’s an area I am very passionate

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