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I am now Buzzing more than I am Blogging

Google BuzzTraditionally people have run their own blog sites to write about the stuff they do, are expert in, are passionate about or just want to show off about. Whatever your reasons, blogging has been the way to do it. In addition to this we have grown to know
services such as Twitter, Tumblr and some others to enable us to “blog” on the go when we’ve not had time to sit down and compose something meaningful. The so-called microblogging platforms.
Now we have Buzz and it has made me re-think how I use the web.
In the past if I wanted to publish one of my photos on the web, I would do it via my website but now I am finding it far more effective to do it through Buzz, Picasa or of course the two combined as Google’s services become more integrated. In doing so
I also reach out to a wider audience. People can instantly comment on my uploads and more often than not it stimulates a more interesting conversation, than it would through the comments system on my blog. Very soon you will be able to “Reshare” posts thus
increasing the audience further.
Posts can be any length and can contain multiple media attachments, very much in the same way as a blog article itself can be constructed. So in a sense it does the same thing my blog can do except not under your own domain. This may not be a biggie though
as using the new Buzz API, you could integrate your Buzz feed in various clever ways back into your website.
Location, location, location – Geotagging is a great thing, as I like to blog as I travel, Buzz makes this activity more interesting, as I can give my photos a location which pins them firmly on the map. I love the fact that people taking a look at Google
maps for London could be seeing my photos and finding their way to my Buzz feed.
So where I used to pile everything into my own site, I am now being far more open with my sharing which is essential to promote my work as a photographer, web developer and writer.
I also love the way that conversations I am involved in or wish to become involved in, can be drawn into my inbox. Once I feel that I am ready to make a valid contribution to a conversation I can, just by writing an email reply.
Has Buzz made you re-think the web?
You can view my Buzz via and if you are on Buzz yourself, please follow me and I may follow you back.

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