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Alton 10 selling through Fotomoto

I have been covering the Alton 10 for the last few years as official
photographer for it’s organisers. I always enjoy it as it’s set in a
really lovely location Alton, Hampshire.

Since I don’t charge them for turning up (please note I
do for new clients), print sales do matter very much and it is vital
that the web front-end is easy for people to use in terms of
accessibility and payment options.

I connected my site to Fotomoto earlier in the year, all images on
this site can be purchased as prints and now also as downloadable
files. Soon other products will be available but I shall come back to
that in a future post. So this is the first time that I have hooked up
around 1750 photos to the service in one gallery and indeed the first
time I’ve done it for this event.

Downloads you ask? Surely photographers are against this? Aren’t I
giving away my copyright?

The sad truth is that for most people, they don’t always want a print,
they just want a file because they can do more with it. They can make
it their PC/Mac backdrop, they can put it on their digital photo
frame, they can can upload it to their blog or indeed Facebook
profile. It would seem that people are more for “digital” than “paper”
these days. I have to confess that I am one of those people. I am now
doing my best to become paper free and now the only paper publications
I have in the house are Outdoor Photography, Professional
Photographer, some books and the occasional newspaper. The fact that I
can carry around a whole load of books and other documentation on my
netbook just doesn’t cease to impress me. In fact it is something
you’ll find me talking about a lot on this blog. Technology that makes
us work and even live smarter is right up my USB cable….

I could talk a lot more about this, as many people are trying to get
to grips with how this will (and already does) effect journalists,
photographers and other people who traditionally relied on printed
media for their income…… I shall come back to that in another

Getting back to my original point – Allowing Alton 10 participants to
buy their images in digital form seems to be working well and I don’t
necessarily lose my copyright over the photos. It is important to
provide people with something they want to buy at a price they are
happy to afford. The last two years, sales for the event slumped to a
dreadful low. How could I improve upon this? Giving people more choice
from one simple “shop window”, is the best and only way to achieve

This in the long run provides me with a better overall income.

However I won’t be selling my art this way, as in my landscapes, travel
shots and other stock – these will only be sold as licensed. This I
shall discuss in another post.

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