Will Pro Photographers rush out to buy an iPad?

Personally I won’t be buying an iPad anytime soon. I am all geared out these
days and have begun thinking of selling things off rather than buying more.
I do love my iPod Touch and it travels with me wherever I go but then I also
have a HTC Magic smartphone which can do exactly the same stuff and then
there is my netbook which I am using now to write this blog article. See
what I mean? We could give this some kind of label such as “technorea”
perhaps, ooh that sounds way too clinical and potentially smelly.

So why would you want to buy an iPad?

I have been reading with increasing regularity that many photographers and
web folk do and have darted out to buy one. They have begun using them as a
funky new way of showing off their wares to clients. I have to confess that
they do look rather funky and at first you think, hey that’s a big iPod but
then Mr Wedding Photographers slideshow begins to play on your lap – You are
going to book him aren’t you? or are you?

I am far from convinced as in my mind a presentation is not really going to
look any different whether it’s on a laptop screen or on a normal flat
screen telly. It is all a bit too fad for me. I think the era of “fad” has
long since passed. It is more important now to consider what something can
help you achieve rather than what it looks like.

Functionality wise my Netbook beats an iPad any day, it has 3 USB ports for
a start, not to mention the 250GB hard drive that sits inside it’s very neat
little shell.

What are your views on the iPad in how it can help you with your web, design
or photography business? Feel free to bombard me with angry comments
defending your iPad!

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