The whatever it was thing

It’s metallic structure seemed alien yet familiar, like a giant steel anemite. A fossil not from the past but the future, a future out of my reach and beyond my comprehension. I explored it’s surface unaware that I was perhaps being watched by it’s keeper. I could no longer ponder over it’s meaning, it’s purpose. People passed me by as I seeked angles that would make the images I’d keep.

The whatever it was thing

My little friend the “Aardvark”

Traditionally search engines have been the first place to go when you
are stuck on something technical. I do sometimes find it extremely
hard to put my search query into context and to try and sanitise it
for the sake of an algorithm that breaks it down into a sequence of
keywords which are then used to search a massive database. Google does
a very good job at this and it’s no surprise that it has become the
“Big Guy” on the web. People can instruct computers on what to do but
if you throw some garbled English at them, they don’t necessarily
understand what you are getting at. Especially when you are not
entirely sure yourself what it is you are trying to say or ask for! Continue reading →

Alton 10 selling through Fotomoto

I have been covering the Alton 10 for the last few years as official
photographer for it’s organisers. I always enjoy it as it’s set in a
really lovely location Alton, Hampshire.

Since I don’t charge them for turning up (please note I
do for new clients), print sales do matter very much and it is vital
that the web front-end is easy for people to use in terms of
accessibility and payment options. Continue reading →