Return of the blog

I haven’t written a thing for the blog in ages. I then began to think about it, what should I write? I just couldn’t think of anything and so… I decided just to sit down on the floor with my netbook in my lap and engage my brain to churn out some words!

I am currently tryng out Scribefire for Firefox, primarily useful for the fact that I can use it to work on posts even when I am offline. I don’t have any form of 3G service for this netbook at the moment, as I prefer to use a WiFi service of some kind in London, the office or at home, the latter two being nice for the fact that they are free!

Very soon my wife and I shall be off travelling to the Northern end of the country, as we venture into the Peak District. We will be staying in a cottage fairly high up and in an isolated location. No internet, no wireless and I relish the thought of escaping from it all for a few days. Sounds like bliss to me. Especially as I am writing this from the floor of a busy train bound for London.

Don’t get me wrong, I love London, town and city life but it is all too easy to forget what came before all of that.

We will be leaving urban life for the wilds of the Peaks this weekend. I can’t wait, nor can my wife and nor (if it had a soul) my camera! Above all, time to rediscover fresh air and one’s vitality.

See I did it, just wrote a brief blog post. Expect more from me again in the near future.

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