Fotomoto – Valentine’s and beyond

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Two images of mine have recently been picked as part of the Fotomoto Valentine’s collection, the “Ranunculus” image that is highlighted above from and “Candles” from my photoblog project. This is really exciting news as I have been following the progress of Fotomoto very closely in recent months and use it on both of my sites to sell prints.

Valentine's tulip - well it's not actually called that but it could be for you? Why not buy a card or print for one of your loved ones?

So how is it going with Fotomoto?

I wrote about Fotomoto a little while back and this stimulated some interest through the blog comments with many people asking me about the service, how it works, how effective it is and whether I’ve made sales with it.

Since the answer to the last question is “Yes”, I thought I’d write a little more about how Fotomoto has fitted in with my site to date and above all how I plan to use it in the future. I must say the plans I have for it are really quite pivotal in the future of Nick Lewis Photography as a young and web-based developing business. It may also interest you that the very existence of Fotomoto has led me to see the future in a different way. I truly believe that it will (if it hasn’t already) revolutionise the way we photographers work. It has already enabled me to sell a few great quality greetings cards and a few prints to people in the US. It is a very rewarding feeling to think that some images of mine adorn people’s living room walls but this is only the start, as very soon there will be more to be excited about…

Selling digital images direct to clients

Traditionally I have depended on other sites and services to sell downloadable images for use in publications and on websites. I work with companies like Alamy, Getty and Photoshot to sell the stock images I shoot. Very soon I’ll be able to sell licensed images for download straight from my own site via Fotomoto. In other words just by uploading images to my site, as I have for this article, they’ll be available for clients to buy as licensed images. The marketing power this will provide photographers with has huge potential. Will it mean the end of the “middle-man”? It’s too early to say and it all depends on how well the new features that Fotomoto launch fit in with the way in which we work.

Retrospective: Capturing the ambience

Nouvelle Vague tuning up on stage

Professional photography is tough these days, there is no denying that and none more so than in the world of live music. Hundreds of photographers are hungry for images of the current artistes and it becomes something of a lottery in making those much needed sales. This shot was taken with the intention of offering something a little different, not so much for the fact he was smoking on stage, in fact it was at an outdoor event, so I believe that is ok?!! I just loved the fact that the band were doing their own preparation, chatting away in French, setting the levels, tuning up and so on. Some of my peers were getting a little fidgety, quite common, as a lot of waiting around takes place at these events which can be boring – I spent a little time capturing what was going on around me. The light as you can tell was very low, so I cranked up my ISO to 800, kept the aperture wide open and shutter speed around 80th of a second. In these scenarios, noise (or grain in old film parlance is unavoidable) and quality tricky to maintain.

Retrospective: The Three Hussars

Three Hussars mounted on horseback ready to take to the arena

I have decided to spend a little time going through the archives and sharing some shots from previous years. This is one of my favourites from 2009 and was a fantastic event to cover, I can still vividly recall the thundering of the hooves charging past and the smell of gunpowder. It was a visual feast and I came away with some pleasing shots which of course makes it even more worth the while. Continue reading →

Stock Photography: The oddest things sell

I never for one minute considered the possibility that a missed delivery note left by my postman one day could sell for $145. However that is exactly what happened and has led me to gain an interesting insight into what sells best through stock agencies such as Alamy.

A missed delivery slip left by my postman sells for $145

I have thousands of images with Alamy and this collection grows year on year. Slowly the income I draw from this gets gradually better. Let me warn you though that this isn’t my main income and may never be but recently, I am starting to re-consider this rather negative attitude.
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January 2010: Week 1

A selection of recent shots (that have already featured on Journog) to kick start 2010. The weather conditions recently have been both fun and simultaneously a challenge, beautiful scenery, poor light has made things difficult though. However I am happy with what I’ve captured and hope that some other interesting opportunities will come up soon. More snow or perhaps it will give way to frosty and bright conditions? Knowing our luck, warm, wet and very dull skies will come along instead. A quiet start to the year but then having said that, my car has been stuck outside the house due to dangerous driving conditions!

Now is a great time to rummage through the archives and preparing my monthly update for Alamy. I’ve fallen behind recently and have a fair number of images earmarked for upload.