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Retrospective: The Three Hussars

Three Hussars mounted on horseback ready to take to the arena

I have decided to spend a little time going through the archives and sharing some shots from previous years. This is one of my favourites from 2009 and was a fantastic event to cover, I can still vividly recall the thundering of the hooves charging past and the smell of gunpowder. It was a visual feast and I came away with some pleasing shots which of course makes it even more worth the while. (more…)

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Stock Photography: The oddest things sell

I never for one minute considered the possibility that a missed delivery note left by my postman one day could sell for $145. However that is exactly what happened and has led me to gain an interesting insight into what sells best through stock agencies such as Alamy.

A missed delivery slip left by my postman sells for $145

I have thousands of images with Alamy and this collection grows year on year. Slowly the income I draw from this gets gradually better. Let me warn you though that this isn’t my main income and may never be but recently, I am starting to re-consider this rather negative attitude.

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