The Italian love for football

Sunday morning football
Sunday morning football

I am watching the World go by under my feet, quite literally as it happens for we are two storeys up from Via Califano that runs beneath our hotel balcony. Right opposite where I am standing is the sports ground and home of Sorrento Calcio, the local football team. A family (I assume them to be as such) are seated in one of the stands at pretty much the same level as myself chatting to eachother, as the team play on the pitch. I can’t make out whether it is just a practice session or a small scale match, however there aren’t many other people present.

Italia football shirts
Italia football shirts

Football is a game that so many are passionate about the World over. In Italy the passion runs strongly through the veins of it’s people. Italy are of course the reigning World Champions and the country is preparing to defend this title in 2010 for the World Cup will be taking them and many other nations to Africa to battle it out. When we visited Italy last time, it was 2006 and we had missed the celebrations by a couple of months. Football mania was still evident as the streets still showed signs of celebrations, old banners had just been left to fade in the sun and tee-shirts adorned many shopfronts.


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