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Cattedrale di Sorrento

La Cattedrale di Sorrento

On this occasion the sun was out, the temperature a nice 30 degrees and time to use the good old polariser on my lens. However when I first discovered this particular location, it was very different indeed.

Two days earlier…

They say – “when it rains it pours” – We discovered the archway during a lightning storm and at the time, I made a mental note to come back in order to photograph this image on a nicer day. We had been walking back from Marina Grande, the old harbour of Sorrento when the storm that had been rumbling around the coast all morning, suddenly decided to pick on Sorrento and seemingly, us. We reached the Cathedral and then the heavens opened up and the thunder roared like a bad tempered lion. We weren’t the only ones, for many people decided to take refuge under the archway. People were darting into the cover, some braving the storm with makeshift umbrellas made out of anything but actual umbrellas. Local storekeepers were grabbing raincoats from their cellars to put up for sale, we bought two, Tina a lovely yellow and I opted for one that I could best describe as being “Kermit Green”. We looked a right pair but we didn’t care for we were walking past scores of other people in exactly the same raincoats!

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