Buongiorno Sinori. Comesta?

We returned yesterday from a fabulous trip to Sorrento Italy. Great to see the weather here in the UK is good albeit a bit fresher than what we’ve become accustomed to recently. I have stacks of material (as in photos and writing) to publish here on the blog and journog.com also. So more to come later….

The subject of this email translated to English is – “Good day ladies and gentlemen, how are you?”. If you are feeling good, you’ll say, “Bene, grazie, e lei?”, which means, “Fine thankyou, and you?”.

2 thoughts on “Buongiorno Sinori. Comesta?

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    1. and indeed you shall, later today, going to post something here on this site…. still playing catch up at the moment mind you but have got as far as downloading the images from my compactflash cards!!


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