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Sharpening my JQuery skills and introducing the “Lab”

Experiments with JQuery in the "Lab"Being a web developer and photographer, I have decided to have a good play with JQuery which is fast becoming the next best thing to sliced bread in the Web world. I am having fun. In fact I haven’t had this much fun since I played with sprites and machine code on my old Commodore 64, Amiga etc. I am in geek heaven!

I have set up a new area on my site that I am jokingly calling the lab which yes, is a bit, Google if I admit it. You can find it at

Currently on show there is a little bit of a play around with something I’ve discovered this weekend called mbgallery by a guy called Matteo Bicocchi who has been doing very interesting things with the JQuery technology. His site is located at

It’s thanks to Matteo that I have started some of my own experimentation with new web technology as a means of presenting photography and other media in more imaginative ways. This will lead onto some wordpress plugins, so that these ideas can be put to good use on the sites that I develop currently and in the future.

I am playing with the idea of putting something funky together to display my forthcoming batch of Italian photos (yes, we are off there very soon).

Enjoy and please do pop some comments in and tell me about your JQuery knowledge…. dying to learn more about it!

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