Fotomoto – The experience so far


The fotomoto integration went live over the weekend on my gallery section though I would say it is still in beta. You may see some stylesheet glitches on my pages especially if you are using explorer as your browser.

Since I made my first sale this morning with the system, I have now seen the process almost completely through. It has been very very smooth.

The integration process is a doddle when installing the basic script. However I needed to add it to my lightbox script and have been working alongside fotomoto in testing out an additional script that facilitates this. The process is all down to playing with a little bit of CSS as the Fotomoto API exposes some classes to enable you to take control.

It is now working nicely in firefox but a little flakily in IE. However you may not notice, just me being fussy!

So after all the hard work I was delighted to see a sale this morning when I read the email waiting for me in my inbox. All I had to do was to upload the hi-res version of the file. Done!

5 thoughts on “Fotomoto – The experience so far

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  1. Hey Nick,

    This is Damon, and I am the dude that ordered the print ;-). I actually recently joined Fotomoto because of being able to order the print that easily – so I just wanted to explain why you might start seeing my name float around at Fotomoto.

    Before I join a startup I always check the product and process before deciding to accept a job offer (your print is now framed in my bedroom, btw). As an amateur photographer myself – one that has a lot to learn – I became intrigued by Fotomoto and how it could potentially benefit photographers attempting to sell onine.

    Please do let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you out with Fotomoto!


  2. Hi, I’d like to know if there will be a followup article on this blog 😀 I’m looking to use fotomoto also. And I’m curious how your experiences are after one month of using it? Thnkz in advance


    1. I would like to write an update yes but probably not for another few weeks yet to be honest with you. I am pleased to say that so far the experience remains to be good. I have not made any more sales since writing this post. I did pick up on a bug with the card printing service. My card arrived and was incorrectly printed. However the guys at FM were quick to jump on the problem and fix it. I had a new card in the space of 4 days. I was impressed considering I live in the UK and FM are US based.

      Problems with BETA products can be expected but I haven’t picked up on any other issues.

      Heck I have almost written a new post!


  3. Hi Nick,
    any more fotomoto experiences? just found the service the other day. Looks great, but I wonder how they handle off-size images in the real world (the description on how they handle it on their page sounds good, of course). Any experience?
    How do you like the print quality?


    1. Hi Markus – So far not much more to say other than, I love it, it’s a great service. When you say off-size images, I presume you mean something like – – which is a letterbox crop and a very odd size indeed. I ordered one of these for myself and it’s now framed on our living room wall. They quite simply print the image to the dimensions of the original image rather than to crop it so that it matches a certain size. If you wished to provide images in standard sizes, you could add your own border in photoshop, so that they are “standardized”, as it were. The print quality is very good and colour balance appears to be very accurate. In the past some online printing services have disappointed me by producing images that are too dark. FM seem to get it very close indeed.


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