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Dr Bending and Tenors UnLimited

I got to know Dr Bending during my time as a patient at St Helier hospital as a renal patient. He was one of the doctors who took care of me during the post-op period and we got to know each other a little bit. I soon learnt that he was a sharp witted individual whom his peers revered. He told me a great deal about the 40 years he had spent in the NHS and how the computer system in the hospital had not changed in many years…. I think I wrote quite a lot about him on my “Transplant Diary” last year. So he certainly left a lasting impression on me…

Mike Bending retired on Monday and was give a tremendous send off on Monday night this week. The event took place at the Globe Theatre (in the exhibition centre) and featured a number of guests including Lord Rix of Whitehall and Theo Paphitis who are all supporters of the South West Thames Kidney Fund whom I am also a member.

The highlight of the evening was the music performed by Tenors UnLimited who are seen in the photos attached to this post. They performed popular opera classics such as Nessun Dorma to a highly appreciative audience. I was going to leave my camera in the bag but just had to leap into action at this point. My music photography skills were suddenly called for! We had no idea who was going to be there as it had all been kept secret.

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