Latest stuff: Journog, Fotomoto and Sorrento

This blog may have been a bit quiet recently but that’s for a number of reasons. Recently launched Journog, a photoblog and professional service combined, more on this in a moment. I have also discovered Fotomoto, a new printing service that allows you to sell photos straight from your blog/site. Last but not least, the payment has been made for our trip to Sorrento (Italy) in September! Yay!


Journog is now up and running over at showcasing some of my more “arty” work (subject to opinion!!). This new photoblog aims to update very frequently, so that if you visit a number of times during the week, new material will be there for you to see. Occasionally during quieter times of the year, I will dig into my archives and push these through the site. Pretty much most of the photos can be purchased as prints using Fotomoto which is really exciting, as I can sell my art to the World and with this in mind, most of the images I publish there will be of a high standard for print sales.

Journog is currently in “Phase 1” of it’s lifecycle, as I have more planned which will open it up as a professional service to people seeking a photographer but want their photos presented on the web instead…. Let me elaborate!

I am planning to offer clients a “Journog” of their own and at the same time working on a series of my own projects that will connect with the main Journog site. I will be revealing more in the near future, mostly on itself. The basic model though is fairly straightforward and could be adapted for various means. The model can best be described as:

  • We register the domain and host the site for you
  • The website software is installed
  • We schedule and carry out the photography either during a short period of time or over the course of numerous shoots
  • These images are published on the website
  • Prints may be purchased of each and every image by yourself or others
  • The site is promoted and shared

So to give you a few ideas – Engagements and weddings: Telling the story of the build-up to your big day, Family: Family portraits taken over the course of time at a local studio. A journog can be used to develop and tell a story about people. You can tell everyone about it very easily, simply by sharing out your website address. If people wish to buy a print that they like, they can, simply by clicking on the “Buy Print” link beneath all images. Cost wise, you will pay an upfront fee which covers domain registration, hosting for a year and the initial photo shoot (whatever it may be). You can then pay for extra shoots at a later date to develop your “Journog” further.

I would also like to say that this service is flexible enough to be adapted for many other purposes. So if you are working on a project that you would like to develop some publicity for then why not consider taking the Journog route? Just drop me a line and we can discuss it further…..


I have already mentioned Fotomoto in the previous section and I am delighted to say it has also been introduced to this website. It is a very clever service and a doddle to add to your site. I only needed to register an account, add some Javascript code to the header template for my site and that’s almost it. The script identifies where images of a certain size exist on your pages and add a small toolbar beneath each of them. This toolbar offers two options, the ability to buy a print or to send an ecard. Fotomoto takes care of the rest and you only need to upload hi-res image files (in Jpeg format) once an order has been made. Fotomoto then take care of the printing and shipment. Very, very simple to use and almost automatic in the process.

The only downside for me is that it is US based and can only take dollars as payment but I believe the company is well aware of this and other currencies will be introduced in time. On the other hand selling over the Internet is all about global marketing and the dollar is well suited to this purpose.


Last of all in this post, our trip to Sorrento is now real, as I settled the balance yesterday! We will be travelling there in September, just under 3 months away. If you know me a little bit, then you will know that Tina and I have been there before. We have a lot more to explore over there and plan to visit Capri, Herculaneum and to re-visit Amalfi. I will be blogging about this more in the future and will write a fair amount whilst out there.

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