Alton 10 photos now available

Just a quick post to say that the Alton 10 photos are now available for purchase online. To get to them enter “alton10” in the login box.

This year we are offering more picture products than previously including fridge magnets, mousemats, acrylic prints, traditional prints and even digital downloads so that you can post them on Facebook or personal blog sites.

Incidentally if you’d like to book us to cover one of your own events, please get in touch. We like diversity and will be interested in many kinds of event.

8 thoughts on “Alton 10 photos now available

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  1. I am being totally thick I think – I cannot see a login box into which to type “alton10” – all I can see is a search box! Think I left my brain somewhere around mile 7!


  2. Hi Victoria – This is for last years event. Today’s photos are still being uploaded to the server and won’t be available for view until tomorrow.


  3. D’oh! I realised that about 45 minutes after I’d posted! Did I mention that I left my brain somewhere this morning – you’d think that the comments you made about the weather being lovely would have pointed me in the right direction wouldn’t you?
    Thanks for getting back to me – and hope you didn’t get too cold standing around this morning!


  4. LOL!! My weather report was very different for last year. Strangely I didn’t feel cold at the time because for some reason whilst doing photography I never notice being cold. I felt it when I got back to my car and turned the heating up!


  5. Sounds about right! I only realised how cold I was when I got home (walking or rather limping distance from the finish) and got in a hot shower! My skin was so cold that the hot water hurt!


  6. I think i spotted a red kite flying over the A31 coming from Bentley towards Alton at around 2.10 today, 16th June 2010. It appeared bigger than a buzzard and was reddish with a slightly forked tail.


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