Events: Coming up…

2009 so far has been a funny year, one minute it seems way too quiet and then the next lots of things spring up. Strangely they tend to become confirmed, just when I am about to follow them up. Here are just some of the events I have on my calendar for the next 3 months. The big ones anyway. Many others are confirmed within a shorter space of time and I tend to blog those retrospectively.

Alton 10 (10th May)

The Alton 10, is a 10k running event, that takes place every May in Alton. I will be there again this year as their official photographer, taking photos at two locations along the course. I will write more about this in it’s own post after the event. It’s a lot of fun and quite an easy one to cover, albeit quite manic as I aim to shoot everyone and considering there are normally around 300 runners (maybe more), that’s no mean feat, believe you me. All photos go up on the site and can be accessed by the login feature on the right…

Hmmmm, have you ever tried it out??

Go on, type “alton10” into the box and see how we use The Imagefile to sell prints of events!

Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo (13th – 16th May)

Wow, I am excited about this one. I have been given accreditation to cover it for the press, my pass came in the post yesterday. It’s a whole new experience for me, as I have never covered this annual occasion before and I hope to get some good photos out of it. I will as ever write more about it a little later, at least once I’ve been!


The Farnborough photowalk is coming up fast too, it’s now only less than a month away and the posters are going up around the town. The highlight of the walk will be the Abbey plus many other things…. Anyway, please see the Photowalks section for more details.

Will there be more photowalks? Possibly.


I will be covering my fourth Guilfest this year and the line-up is looking good. Motorhead, Will Young, Happy Mondays, Brian Wilson, Nouvelle Vague, Imelda May and so on…. What an eclectic sentence that was but that is exactly what Guilfest is. Interestingly it draws the same bunch of photographers back year after year and we have all become good mates. So I always look forward to a weekend in Stoke Park, darting from one stage to the next, covering blues one moment and then Punk-Country the next! Yes such a genre exists!

As I write this I am listening to, have a listen….

And beyond…

Lots of other things are in the pipeline but I shall tell you more about these when the times comes 🙂

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