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Artists Open Houses

The Artists Open Houses event in Brighton was fantastic, big, well organized, captivating and I soon realized that one day isn’t enough. I would also say that if you are planning to go along yourself, please plan which bits you would like to see and allow yourself time to appreciate just, at the very least one area. 200 venues are taking part in various parts of Brighton. I am sure I missed some great ones but I certainly loved those that I did have the opportunity to visit.

Walking into someone elses house for the first time is often an odd experience but when it is someone you don’t know, it seems even more unusual. The people of Brighton (and later in the day Ditchling) all made me feel welcome. It even gave me an insight into the lifestyle that Brighton people lead which is very much influenced by art. I almost felt slightly voyeuristic in taking some photographs of interiors which is why I made the habit of asking every step of the way. Initially I felt awkward given the fact that I hadn’t made any prior contact with anyone other than the PR company involved.

Gladly my inihibitions were rapidly dispelled by the warmth of the people I met. All of whom weren’t at all preturbed by my presence, bulging Lowepro rucksack and Nikon around my neck.

In the end I only took around 34 photos as I found myself meandering around venues and simply taking it all in. So many ideas and an ocean of imagination tantalized my artistic interests.

Naturally being a photographer I was mostly drawn to the photographic art that was on display. Even local scenes looked extraordinary and I had never thought of taking a shot of the underside of Brighton Pier with a Hasselad XPan, apart from not owning one that is. Photographers were pushing the boundaries by allowing us to see famous landmarks in a different light. I am going to add some links to the end of this post, so that you can see some online examples of these pictures. The Festival runs into June, so please be sure to spare a day in your diary!

A special hello goes out to Derek and the Damsels based in Ditchling whom were one of the last I visited. Photos of your gallery are “attached” to this post.

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