Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo

It was not until last night that the term “horsepower” really meant much to me, other than being the essence of regular BBC Top Gear parlance. I was blown away by the sheer power of the marriage between man and beast, as the Household Cavalry charged past my lens. In fact I wasn’t expecting them to be that close and had it not been for a sturdy fence, one slight step forward and I would have been, well, very dead should I say. I also imagined for a moment how terrifying it would have been for any enemy facing this brute force. Especially if you had been dismounted in battle. Foot soldiers are all very well but put one, no let’s say a hundred on a horse each and you have a proper army. I would beat a hasty retreat if I saw them charging over the horizon. Continue reading →

Alton 10 photos now available

Just a quick post to say that the Alton 10 photos are now available for purchase online. To get to them enter “alton10” in the login box.

This year we are offering more picture products than previously including fridge magnets, mousemats, acrylic prints, traditional prints and even digital downloads so that you can post them on Facebook or personal blog sites.

Incidentally if you’d like to book us to cover one of your own events, please get in touch. We like diversity and will be interested in many kinds of event.

Events: Coming up…

2009 so far has been a funny year, one minute it seems way too quiet and then the next lots of things spring up. Strangely they tend to become confirmed, just when I am about to follow them up. Here are just some of the events I have on my calendar for the next 3 months. The big ones anyway. Many others are confirmed within a shorter space of time and I tend to blog those retrospectively. Continue reading →