Featured Post: Farnborough Abbey at twilight

[image title=”Farnborough Abbey – Twilight” size=”medium” id=”2694″ align=”center” alt=”Farnborough Abbey at twilight” ]
Farnborough Abbey always draws me back. It is only a short stroll from where we live and it has a certain air of austerity about it. Its beautiful and at the same time slightly sinister. Quite why I would find an Abbey sinister, I have no idea but this may have something to do with the Gargoyles that adorn it’s Gothic architecture. You wouldn’t wish to find yourself alone there at dusk!
My last post on the abbey was very different as I used my wideangle lens to incoporate the surrounding tree line. This time I used my 70-200mm in conjunction with filters to close in on the rooftop of the abbey and some of it’s surrounding trees. The sky wasn’t what I had been hoping for, it was very nice but I was after a lot more drama and some oranges. This didn’t happen and for that reason, I am going to keep going back there. I shall crack it and achieve the shot I really want to capture.
UPDATE: Trying out the wordpress sticky feature to ensure a recent photo stays at the top of the blog. This location will feature on the photowalk in June – See http://nicklewis.net/photowalks/farnborough for more details.

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