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BIPP Submission

Just popped my initial submission for BIPP membership in the post. Now a nervous wait to see what happens next! I chose the images above, as the bulk of my professional work to date has been in concert photography. The first step is to get in touch with my mentor, who will help me put together my first panel to go before the judges. The first level qualification is for a LBIPP or “Licenciate” of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

This is probably my biggest gallery post to date and spans a few years. I have spent a good 3 hours trawling through my archives and had a great time with them all. It also brings back various memories of the events themselves. Most of them have been utterly fantastic but there were a few awkward ones. Tour managers suddenly forgetting that they had invited us for example! It’s also a total blur, every shoot flies by very fast, 3 songs just isn’t a long slice of time with artists. However it is enough to get some decent shots, unless the front lighting is non-existent, only to be turned on as we exit the auditorium! We are a cynical bunch at times us photographers, convinced that some people have a vendetta against us. It may all just be a ruse, it may simple be that bands prefer playing in pitch darkness. Who knows….

The set of photos here were amongst my favourites, not just the pictures themselves but the events were very memorable, for good reasons. Plenty of stories to tell…. another time perhaps?

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