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Mute Swan

[image title=”Mute Swan (Cygnus Olor)” size=”medium” id=”2809″ align=”center” ]

Nikon D300, ISO 200, f8, 1/250th sec, Sigma 50-500mm @ 195mm

This shot was taken from ground level on the bank of the Basingstoke Canal at about 17:30pm, as the light began to settle down. I dropped my beanbag on the ground, placed the camera with lens gently on top and snuggled up with it on the ground. I then just took my time, watching the Swan, making observations about its behaviour and adjusted my manual focus ring. I fired the shutter sparingly, so as not to cause too much of a disturbance and to make sure I was taking well composed shots. The reflection in the water appealed to me, so I composed to include this as much as I could. A slight breeze distrurbed the surface of the water and in conjunction with the fact that he was slowly “gliding” along in the water, a sharp reflection was out of the question. In most of the shots I had a series of profile, side on photos but this one stood out as he appeared to be looking directly back at me.

Nearby his mate sits on her nest incubating their eggs. I observed the pair last year on and off. Sadly there never was any sign of any Cygnets, so I assumed that the eggs were either stillborn or at some point predated. I hope they have better luck this year. I shall keep you posted.


  • Did you know the latin name for a Mute Swan is “Cygnus Olor”? Well now you do 🙂

More photos…

  • I am planning to spend more time with these particular swans and another mating pair that I know of further along the canal. So shall publish more photos in the future…

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