Nikon D300, ISO 200, f6.3, 1/200th sec, Sigma 50-500mm @ 500mm end

Following on from the previous post about the Bustards, we headed back through some Wiltshire villages, hoping to find something to photograph after not having any luck with our main focus of the day. Richard was driving, I had my camera on my lap and a beanbag on the floor. Richard had done likewise but his camera equipment was on the back seat. Whilst we were driving along we did see a Hare (the second one that day), really close only meters away from the car and in an adjacent field. The only problem was there was traffic behind us and nowhere safe to pull in to and besides the Hare darted for some cover. We had to pass that one by….

However I did manage the shot above, as around the corner there was a field full of Rabbits. It was particularly good as the field was on the edge of a hill, so the Rabbits were quite literally above us. This shot was taken from the car (thankfully there was a safer spot to pull into), my beanbag perched on the partially open side window and the camera on top. Initially this particular Rabbit was facing in the wrong direction but suddenly turned to face the road. SNAP! I managed a couple of shots and resorted to manual focus, as my auto was playing up – Must upgrade my firmware!!!!

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  1. David – Yes very true, if I am being honest, I wasn’t anticipating that at all. It was a chance shot, as many of these are. The little fella had his back to me initially until he picked up a scent (probably us) and froze to the spot. He was gone in seconds after the shot was taken.


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