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Red Kites in Hampshire update

A little while back I wrote a post or two about the way in which the Red Kite has spread well beyond it’s Chiltern Hills stronghold. If you ever drive along the M40, you will no doubt spot these large birds of prey circling high above the motorway. Take a little detour off the main roads into the countryside around the Stokenchurch area and you can easily go on a Kite spotting tour. Why not stop off on a nice summer’s day (especially right now, as the weather is so nice), find yourself a nice field, sit on a fence and watch the sky? I spent an entire day doing just that in the attempt to capture a half decent shot of at least one of these stunning birds. Suffice to say despite finding some great subjects, I failed to capture anything half decent on camera.

The tale of two posts attracted 23 comments and the more recent post has beaten that record with 31 comments and today I have approved 3 of those.

People seem to be genuinely fascinated by kites whether they are big birders or not. Many like me quite often spot them whilst out driving and don’t often get the opportunity to watch them for a longer period of time. Some people do get the chance to see them at closer quarters such as feeding from their own back gardens and this happens a great deal in Stokenchurch as far as I know!

The Project: What I have in mind?

  1. To meet people involved with Red Kites – Conservationists, admirers, birders and others. People play an important role in the re-introduction of species that have in the past been hunted to extinction. Many have been taking place in recent years and this particular programme has by far been the most high profile. It is therefore interesting to meet people who are involved with the overall work in this field.
  2. Opportunities to photograph Red Kites at close quarters but in a considerate and correct manner.
  3. I would like to write a series of articles here on the blog complete with photographs and at the same time submit a selection of images to the agency and libraries that I work with.
  4. Finally I will stipulate that where I am not allowed to go for the preservation of nesting sites, I will respect and not at any time give away these locations via the blog.

I will as ever write more about the project as it takes shape…. which will no doubt take a long time, as these things generally do. Patience is a valuable skill to have in the world of photography and wildlife!

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