60th Wedding Anniversary

It was great to take the mobile studio out on the road this weekend for an anniversary booking. The couple were celebrating 60 years of marriage and we really enjoyed being the official photographers for this momentous occasion. Tina has started to make use of my old D200 and we decided to both work on this one. It was a last minute decision as I was planning to do it solo but I was greatful for my wife’s help. It would have been harder work otherwise. Essentially I ran the studio and Tina did the candids.

The room we used for the studio was ideal as it had a high ceiling, a reception desk, some comfortable sofas and a stairway leading up to another floor. It was also the main reception area for the suite we were using at the Basingstoke Country Hotel. We set up the backdrop towards the back of the room with the trail coming out across the floor with two lights either side. One with a reflector brolly and the other with a softbox attached. We later setup the laptop on the reception desk so that people could view the photos throughout the evening. This proved to be popular as at various points people crowded around to view a continuous slideshow that I had created later in the evening.

We decided to setup the studio early in the afternoon and to leave it there till the evening. This was a good move as it would have been impossible to have done it later. Foresight is always better than hindsight in this game!

We headed back to our base in Farnborough, had time to relax for a bit, ate some food and got the laptop and cameras ready. We then met our client in Farnborough at their parent’s house and waited for the 1946 Bentley to arrive.

James pulled up in his beautifully kept car called “Henry” and then we met the couple who were celebrating. The car was perfect as it was manufactured in the same year that Richard and Kathleen got married. They had plenty of stories to tell as I busied myself photographing them around and inside the car. I could have listened for hours but we had to press on. The happy couple went off for a spin in the car and we had to bomb it back to the hotel.

The reception area aka my studio was rammed with people and I was glad that we had pushed the lights to the side. It was positively buzzing as the relatives kept an eager eye out for their Grandparents (great grandparents even) to arrive in the Bentley.

In a flash we had the laptop up and running plus two cameras in action. Time to shoot candida, hugs, kisses and smiles aplenty as Richard and Kathleen arrived.

The evening posed a number of challenges especially in terms of photographing a large number of people in one frame. Not an easy task. Switching cards to make sure images were constantly being downloaded into Lightroom to feed the slideshow running on my laptop. This needs some refinement and considering a wireless link between camera and computer for the future.

We tried a few different things on this night and all seemed to work well. Perhaps a bit risky but we had confidence in our progress.

NOTE: No photos for this post as I haven’t asked for peoples’ permission. However shall update with an abstract of the car later.

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