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National Trust images being deleted from Alamy

Alamy recently contacted all contributors regarding deletion of images taken of National Trust properties. This includes images taken on NT land even if they aren’t obvious as such. In other words could a photo of a flower in a NT garden contravene these rules? Sounds like it does if you read between the lines.

It is worth noting that this only applies to people who submit work to stock libraries for sale, for commercial gain.

I can totally understand the reasoning behind not being able to photograph the interiors of NT properties. In fact photography isn’t allowed full stop. I can also understand that the NT have their own library of images and don’t wish for other libraries to hold images of their properties. Is this more a case of preventing competition or plain protection of copyright?

However I still wonder whether these rules will also prohibit the right to photograph various stretches of coastline around the UK? I have just had an image deleted of Glastonbury Tor on Alamy for example. Let’s assume I was to drive a few miles down the road to photograph the Tor from a distance. Would I be wrong to sell such an image through Alamy or any other means?

There are so many viewpoints I can think of that feature NT property. One very popular one I can think of being St Michaels mount in Marazion, Cornwall. Will these have to be deleted? Are the NT trying to “copyright” viewpoints?

Your thoughts on this please ladies and gents!

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    1. Now that is an interesting take on this subject. I never realised that. Are you having similar problems at Fotolibra?

  1. This is shocking news

    I have never really been a fan of the National Trust – especially since they complained that I was giving away “too much” information on the Gower Peninsula on my website –

    1. How much of the Gower do the NT own? Seems crazy that they’d take umbrage over you writing online, unless of course you were being a bit extreme, however having read elements of your site, I very much doubt that.

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