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Let’s start a comment circle

I am starting to look into ways that we (as in us bloggers) can start up what I would like to call, a “comment circle”. Simply post a comment to this post with details of your blog, I will approve your comments, visit your blog and leave comments of my own there. Hopefully this will grow as other people take a look at the collection of sites listed here. Reciprocal linking is nothing new but is a very effective way of building up good SEO for all concerned. Let’s see how this goes…

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  1. Nick, I am in favour of this but with some reservations.

    I’ll put my hat in the ring to help it grow into something worthwhile.

    The Quillcards blog is at

    1. Hi David. I would be interested to hear your reservations (email me if you prefer). So far not had much traffic on this post compared to some.

  2. I’m happy to join this – you have a very good blog. 🙂

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