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5 of the best gigs I have ever photographed

I am compiling a collection of archive images to publish here. In the meantime here is a top 5 list of the best gigs I have photographed in terms of artists’ performance, the “memorable experience factor” and the atmosphere in general. No particular order by the way…

1. Supergrass – one of the earliest gigs I did resulted in one of my favourite shots which is most definitely in my portfolio. I hate to brag, but the star photo of this shoot just comes together so perfectly. It was also an amazingly good gig by Gaz Coombes and the band.

2. The Charlatans – I used to shoot for Retna back in those days and the tour manager invited their photographer (me) to come back for the last 3 songs. We normally only do the first 3. The Charlatans were joined by special guest Ronnie Wood. I had the pits to myself and at one point Tim Burgess joined me there and gave me a hug! They were performing “Sweet Dreamer” at this point. It was an awesome night and I came away with some unique shots.

3. Groove Armada – my shots on this occasion weren’t actually my best but I was allowed on stage with them whilst they were doing a DJ set. The massive tent was like a sauna and I had to demist my lens a number of times. I also lost a stone in weight as I was sweating like crazy! The crowd in there were amazing, especially looking down on them. It was a shame my view was restricted as I would have loved to have gone behind GA to get the classic “DJ entertains crowd of 8,000” type shot, a sea of people.

4. Jill Scott – I have been watching her on the BBC recently as she is in the “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” series. She is of course a fantastic singer and I photographed her at Brixton Academy one night in front of a beautiful crowd. It was here that I took my favourite crowd photo! A fleeting moment timefully shot before the lights dimmed completely.

5. Green Day – an awesome band with an equally awesome presence on stage. This goes on the list just for pure awesome-ness. How awesome is that?

I could write a lot more and pick out many other events. I will tuck into my archives again in the future.

Now for some photos…

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