Twitter, Jason Mraz, The World and I

The other night just before getting ready to head up to London for the Jason Mraz gig, I decided to take a quick look at Twitter…

I currently use Twitterfon on my iPod Touch, which is a great app and above all totally free. One of it’s features is the ability to search the “Twitterverse” for any number of keywords you may choose to throw at it. So I fired up a quick search for “Jason Mraz”. The volume of tweets was astounding. Many fans were chatting away about their favourite artist, naming their favourite Mraz tracks, making arrangements to meet up with people at the venue and so on. Periodically the search continued to update as new tweets came in. I found this very interesting and it made me realize that Twitter is a great tool for monitoring the “buzz” about any event that may be taking place.

Whilst I was in the photographers pit, getting my camera gear ready, I was thinking about all of those tweets flying around between the many people that stood behind me. I had added my own tweet to this stream of binary conversation, adding my own perspective to the goings on. This was followed by a number of new followers and a message from one of these people to say what a lucky guy I am, photographing a fine artist. This was an interesting point as I’ve never thought about it that way before.

I have been shooting gigs for a number of years and it just seems pretty much normal to me as it’s part of my career as a photographer. I have a good relationship with my agency and I am thankful for them being able to provide me with the access. It is getting a lot tougher as the marketplace becomes saturated with new photographers and billions of images of celebrity. This is why I tend to follow artists who aren’t hounded by the press, where I stand the chance of some sales post-gig.

I wonder if Mr Mraz himself is on Twitter. Just imagine that! Instant feedback on your performance even whilst you are still performing direct from your audience.

Twitter is more than just another online service. It is rapidly becoming a phenomenen!

2 thoughts on “Twitter, Jason Mraz, The World and I

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  1. Thankyou David and thanks for making a connection between the two posts. I now realize that crowd photos are just as important as shots of the performing artist. I wonder if anyone has ever made up a project based on the idea of gathering together shots of various front rows around the world. Now there is a thought….


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