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It’s high time I introduced you all to Renality. “What’s that?”, I hear you ask. Renality is a newsletter stroke magazine for the renal patients of St Helier Hospital. I am one of those people and have been receiving my copy of the publication since I started treatment for kidney disease. I am now fine, my transplant is working well and I am once again leading a normal life. My time in hospital is over and I am back at work etc etc.

Why not just move on? I am free of hospital now am I not?

Well not entirely, as I still need to return to hospital for check-ups and these appointments are becoming less frequent. This is indeed wonderful but one thing you learn quickly is that once you are a kidney patient, you are for life. One simple lurgy can very rapidly send you back to hospital! I know that all too well (touch wood I have been fine now for 4 whole months).

So when I saw that a new editor was being sought for, I decided to take the opportunity. This I must hasten to add is entirely voluntary, which I have to say is a first for me. Throughout my life I have never given up my time for a valuable cause and to help others. A tough thing to do in this commercial world of money, money, money. My experience so far as a renal patient has taught me one thing that I never truly realized before – human beings can and should support eachother, especially when a traumatic experience is shared.

I have met some truly fantastic individuals in the past year or so, many of whom are also renal patients. I have shared some great moments with these people, bonded with them and above all we have laughed in the face of adversity. I class myself as a lucky guy. I am forever thankful to my Dad, family, friends and above all the people at St Georges and St Helier hospitals. Surely I can give something back?

Well yes I can – Time!

So after July I will take over from Margaret and Peter Simpson as Editor of Renality. The Simpsons have decided that after many years, it is time for someone else to take over the Editorial role. So with great pleasure it will become my responsibility from October.

I will write more on the blog about Renality as and when things happen.

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