Bluebell railway and the stock library

Two things in this post today. A wonderful trip to East Sussex on Saturday to visit the Bluebell Railway at Sheffield Park near Haywards Heath. Secondly some news on how my own stock library is going, starting with news of it’s new home.

I took a trip down to rural East Sussex on Saturday to catch up with a few old friends of mine at the Bluebell Railway for a photo day we had organized. It was great to see them all again and as I often do, lost myself in the engine sheds photographing a lot of things in incredibly low light conditions. In fact having written that sentence and read it back, I don’t often find myself in sheds of any kind. I meant to say that when I have my camera in hand and spot something, I often explore as far as I can safely and legally go! So I quite often turn around to find that I have lost my companions!

The majority of the images in this post were taken at ISO400 using an aperture of 1.8 on my Sigma 30mm lens. This is a cracking little lens and when operated in manual you can achieve a wonderfully shallow depth of field. It’s an effect I love and it comes into it’s own when travelling due to it’s weight and innocuous appearance. I can recall using it a great deal in Italian cathedrals where the light can be practically non-existent.

I have been shooting using the daylight white balance setting more and more
recently, all of the time, as a default setting on my camera. A subject I may write about in another post…..

Thanks Eric for arranging this trip

Please click on the links at the top or bottom of this post to visit the complete gallery from which you may purchase prints or licensed copies.

This leads me onto the second item I want to share with you:

Our other site has moved to, so that it sits under the same domain. You may create an account to purchase images either as stock or prints. Licensing works on a negotiation basis rather than a calculation, as is the general case with large libraries.

My aim is to provide a range of images taken in the South of England to cover landscapes, natural history, towns, cities and events. On the odd occasion some European images will appear as there is already a gallery for Italy for example. If you fail to find what you need, let me know as a commission can be arranged.

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