Spring begins in the garden

All of the plants you see in the photos above with the exception of the primroses, that are “native” were planted by myself in the back garden. They are doing well and the garden is springing to life. Shame some weeds are too, as last year we thought a never ending battle with them.  So hoping we can nip them in the bud early this year, if you can pardon the pun! Continue reading →

Location, location, location!

Landscape photography can be a weird thing at times, especially when you plan to shoot somewhere and end up in an entirely different location. In this case I was rewarded after what was seeming to be a fruitless search and a possible return journey home with nothing to show for it. Luckily this didn’t happen as I decided to walk a little bit further to see where a path led! Continue reading →




Do you live in or near Farnborough in Hampshire? If you do, you may be interested in joining a photowalk that I am hosting on the 6th June. This event is being organized in conjunction with the Farnborough Society and will cost members NOTHING to attend, non members pay £5. All are welcome and we aren’t going to be limiting numbers at this stage. I would encourage you to register your interest either through comments on this blog post or direct email, so that we know how many people can make it.

This photowalk will be the first of many, as I am planning to run them often and at various locations throughout the South of England in the months and years to come. All will incorporate some photographic tuition and guidance on a number of topics plus most will end with a more detailed workshop.

Full details for the Farnborough event can be found at:

Farnborough Photowalk

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