Airship Hangar, Farnborough

[image title=”Airship Hangar at night, Farnborough” size=”medium” id=”2319″ align=”center” alt=”Airship Hangar at night, Farnborough” ]

This photo comes with a cautionary tale, one you may be familiar with and that I wasn’t allowed to actually photograph this location…

Farnborough my home town is going through many changes at the moment, so as a result I have been taking a few photos in and around the town. One area that has very much captivated my interest is the IQ business park, formerly the old RAE site. Many of the old buildings have been restored and one of the most impressive elements is the re-erected Airship Hangar. I popped down there with my camera and tripod – My new tripod is actually slightly taller than me with the camera mounted on it which is fantastic, as I have to take it down a notch or two!! I had taken a couple of shots when I spotted a security guard approaching.

I soon realised that I had to pack my bags and leave. The guy was polite and I have to confess, I am not new to this kind of thing.

So I publish this photo here on my blog only, it is not commercially available, blah blah, etc etc…. If I go back I will need a permit.

5 thoughts on “Airship Hangar, Farnborough

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    1. I must admit I hadn’t spotted any of the signs but feared I may be spotted. It has become a deeply inset paranoia in recent years that photographers can often be turned away. I will take a look at getting permission from the management for what it’s worth.

      So beware everyone – you may well get stopped pretty much anywhere now.

      I would like to add there were a bunch of people “pratting” around nearby, making a nuisance of themselves, that I was wary of (more for the sake of my camera kit). They weren’t get told to move on!!! Makes you wonder……


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