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Going to the NEC?
Stay at the Yardley Travelodge and eat at Spicebuffet
Indian, Thai, Chinese and Italian!

The Food is cooked in the middle of the buffet and you may choose the ingredients, hand over to the chef and off he goes. It is fantastic to watch as the food sizzles tantalizingly in his pan and moments later it’s on your plate. It is a very unique experience and the food matches the great atmosphere in terms of quality. I felt like I had been transported to the heart of India.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Spicebuffet. 3 courses each (you can go back for more) and a bottle of wine came to £46. Not bad at all! The food is excellent better than any of it’s kind I have had down here in the South.

The owner came round chatting to us, asked us how our food was and I promised him that I would give them a mention. So here it is!

The venue also includes a bar area and function room for hire. It is only 3 miles from the NEC. Does get very busy!

To find out more visit Spicebuffet

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