Skylarks in February?

When I hear the rising song of the skylark, instant visions of Summer
enter my mind and my spirit is lifted. So I was somewhat surprised to
encounter these wonderful elements of nature yesterday in mid
February. I cupped my hands around my ears and scoured the ground to
see if I could catch sight of any. It took a few minutes and I spotted
a skylark hop out of one furrow into the next, barely flying, more of
a hop in the purest of senses.

I raise the question: is it normal to see skylarks this early in the

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One thought on “Skylarks in February?

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  1. I heard and saw a pair of skylarks this morning over a field in Edenbridge, Kent.
    I thought it was a bit early for them.
    It looked like summer, it sounded like summer but it most definitely felt like winter!


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