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The Script @ The Roundhouse Theatre, Camden

The Script perform at The Roundhouse Theatre, Camden
The Script perform at The Roundhouse Theatre, Camden

Just come back from London, having covered the first gig I have done in ages and to be honest it was a bit tough. The reason being that I had never been to the Roundhouse Theatre before and if you haven’t you should go there, it is an amazing building with a fantastic auditorium, its intimate and spacious at the same time, if that makes any sense. The stage is nicely set and you can get in really close with the performers. I enjoyed it but but ended up with less “keepers” than I normally would, not enough variety to send up to UPPA but they should have enough to use. It has been way too long since I last “gigged”!!

Also the first trip for the D300 and it did well in tricky lighting conditions.

Also great to see one or two familiar faces and was great to catch up with Elliott Franks, whom I haven’t seen in person for way too long.

I am not too sure who I will be covering next but keep an eye on the blog…

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  1. Good to see you back in action. Perhaps our paths will cross soon.

    I photographed Lordi (Eurovision winners) at the Islington Academy last night. Came away covered in fake blood !!!!

    1. Hi Andrew – fake blood nice! We should catch up soon somewhere along the way.

    1. I can imagine you must have had a few funny looks from people!

      I am hoping to put more info up soon for the Farnborough walk. Struggling to keep time spare at the moment and cannot believe march isn’t far away!!!!

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