Frimley Park

If you have been following the “transplant diary” – I am now writing
this from the comfort (hmmmmm) of the waiting room, not at St Helier
in Carshalton but Frimley Park. Last time I was here must have been
around the 12th September when I was sent off to London in readiness
for my transplant.

Now here I am, all fixed, worried about nothing, relaxed and excited
about not only the year ahead but life in general. Have you noticed
the days are getting longer? See, simple pleasures are beautiful and
enjoyable all over again.

I simply don’t give a monkeys that my doctor is running 39 minutes
behind schedule. I am happy sitting here writing this blog post on my
iPod. Funnily enough someone else is doing a very similar thing; maybe
he is blogging too? Has he had a transplant!? You just never know, we
are everywhere us renal folk.

I am currently getting more involved with the SWTKF and their
newsletter called Renality, which also features it’s sister charity
SHAK. The current editors are stepping down and I am taking over. I
wanted to give something back and that is why I stepped forwards with
my hand raised aloft.

More on this as time goes by.

Work is very busy at the moment, working on many websites for our
clients. I am loving it, it’s good to be back in the world. Nick Lewis
Photography is picking up too and tonight, I am heading for London to
cover a gig.

Signing off – all well on the renal front back there in 2 weeks.

Sent from my iPod

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