Plot 18

[image title=”Introducing Plot 18″ size=”medium” id=”2155″ align=”center” ]

[image title=”The plot is cleared and prepared for the year ahead” size=”thumbnail” id=”2156″ align=”left” ]Plot 18 is our new piece of agriculture, a place to grow our own food, as we join thousands of other people around the country who have also caught the allotmenteering bug. The very thought that later in the year, maybe sooner, we will be harvesting our own crop, eating it and also providing some of the food to other people is an exciting one. The allotment has become (and quite rightly so) a big thing once more, they say it’s current popularity rivals that of post-war Britain. This time the war is a different one, an economic battle to get the very best out of what we have and we can grow ourselves. The economics of owning an allotment is quite simple, for a small outlay you can buy a handful of seeds that given the right conditions, skill, knowledge will most certainly yield a crop that is worth a great deal more. It’s a shame that the waiting lists for many plots are so long.

[image title=”Seeds sown in trays, kept indoors for now” size=”thumbnail” id=”2159″ align=”left” ]On a personal level I am a complete novice but willing to take a crack at it. I am not alone as my wife Tina and two other people we know are there to help out, all eager to get started and to gain as much as possible from it.

I have added a whole new topic to the blog dedicated to this subject, our experiences and complemented as ever by my photography. The photos above show our plot after being cleared, mainly thanks to Gary (you will meet these people in my photojournal over time). We are also cultivating some seeds indoors due to the very bitter winter we are having and once the time is right and above all, they have geminated, will plant them. We have plans for how the allotment should be laid out and soon various bits and pieces will be constructed.

I shall keep you posted!

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