Inspired by an exhibition

[image title=”Waiting for a ferry” size=”medium” id=”1991″ align=”center” ]
Portsmouth, Gunwharf Quays – 1/80sec at f / 5.6, 30mm (45mm), RAW, ISO 1600 (auto), D300
The exhibition I went to on Saturday was all about the spaces we inhabit, the people we share those spaces with and their interaction with their own environment. I took this photo after the exhibition but didn’t realise until later that this image must have been inspired slightly by it.

I love reportage, sometimes do it and would happily do it more often given the opportunity. It is important to have your camera ready, keep your eyes and mind wide open – indeed your aperture too. We were heading back towards the car, having failed to find an eatery with a spare table for two. The sun had ducked behind the clouds and the wind was starting to build up. My decision to wear a fleece with no coat over the top no longer a great idea.

I spotted this person in their colourful clothes and better dressed for the weather than myself. They were isolated, singled out with nobody/nothing else to confuse the simplicity of the image. The ferry was just coming back into port and since this person had a suitcase in tow, I naturally assumed they were waiting for it. Truth be told, they may not have been, as we had only moments earlier popped into the Antler shop to look at new suitcases. They may have done the same thing. This didn’t matter as the impression is that they appear to be travelling and doing so alone. Quite an evocative image I thought – So I put the viewfinder to my eye an allowed the space engulf the single person being dwarfed by the sheer size of the ferry.

Still intrigued by the auto ISO feature choosing 1600 but the light was indeed lacking. Once again the clarity is excellent but should I make auto ISO a habit? Perhaps not all of the time…

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