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Been there done it before but is it worth doing again?

[image title=”Old Portsmouth Harbour walls” size=”medium” id=”1990″ align=”center” ]
Harbour wall, Old Portsmouth – 1/80 sec at f/5.6, 30mm (45mm), ISO 1600 (Auto), Hand held
Do I ever visit places I have photographed before to take more shots? In fact do you?

It is worth going back to places and photographing them. I have to admit that I am a big fan of Portsmouth especially nowadays, so much of it used to be run down but a little TLC has restored it to it’s former glory. Although someone did point out to me a little while ago that Old Portsmouth now has less pubs and places to eat than it used to. All of the old pubs have been replaced with Estate Agents to sell the masses of new properties that have been built along the seafront, harbours and quays. They all look absolutely fantastic and given half a chance Tina and I would move there but many of them seem to lie empty, possibly overpriced for what they really offer per square meter, the location perhaps not being enough to tempt people to part with their cash or mortgages.

I have digressed but there is a point to what I am saying.

It is worth visiting a location many, many times, photographing them from every angle because as the old is constantly preserved as best as possible more effort is being made to develop places for the modern and future generations. We need to document our world for those future generations as much as we do for ourselves!

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  1. Yes, I do go back to places. When I find somewhere I like, I find I mull it over in my mind and when I go back, I have a clearer idea of what I want to do.

    1. There are various places and things that keep drawing me back. There is an old Abbey ruin nearby not Farnborough, that is very much not a ruin but Waverley out beyond Farnham, just on the Surrey borders. I hope to go back there this week if I can…. I have a list building up and sometimes it’s tough to decide where to go!

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