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Colour saturation

[image title=”nlp_1692″ size=”medium” id=”1993″ align=”center” alt=”Portsmouth fishing nets – 1/250 sec at f/11, 30mm (45mm), RAW, ISO 1100 (Auto), D300″ ]
Portsmouth fishing nets – 1/250 sec at f/11, 30mm (45mm), RAW, ISO 1100 (Auto), D300
The auto ISO feature is quite intriguing, ISO 1100, hmmm, never considered that one before but the colour looks good, the detail is fine and the histogram looked finely balanced too.

In the past many digital cameras have suffered from producing images that were flat, lacking colour and in the need of their levels being tweaked. I am getting the impression that this may not be such an issue with the D300. I did do some tweaking in Lightroom but more out of habit than necessity. I would be interested to know what people’s thoughts are on this?

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  1. Hi
    I’ve read other reviewers say that it produces brighter colors ‘out of the box’. have you tried shooting jpeg to see how they come out?

    1. I haven’t yet tried JPEG mode, as I mainly use RAW. I will try though. I think this would warrant am article on the blog at a later date. Anyone else prefer using JPEG over raw? I know this is a good old debate amongst some camps.

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