I am planning a series of photowalks for the year ahead and whilst in
the planning phase would like to invite people to make suggestions.
They must all be in the UK and preferably the south since that is
where I am based.

The idea behind these walks is simple a bunch of photographers meet up
at a chosen location. We welcome everyone from absolute beginners to
seasoned professionals. We then follow something of an itinerary which
often just goes out of the window! The photos are later shared online
using popular services such as Flickr or my site (one of many) called

In fact the idea stems from the old days of the infamous “Nfolio Day”
that some readers of this blog may have been on and remember well.
They were a great succes and this idea simply is the same thing.

You may be pondering, does this cost? Well no, they will mainly be
free although I may ask for a small contribution on some. This leads
me onto the announcement that I will soon make an announcement! About
workshops! Yes I will soon be running some during weekends but more on
this another day.

One definite photowalk is planned for Farmborough this summer and is
being arranged for members of The Farmborough Society and other people
who live in the area.

So please come along to one and don’t forget your camera! More news

UPDATE: The official promotional poster! photowalk-poster

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