Back home…

I am back home but only for New Years day, as I have got to go back tomorrow to do more tests and possibly to spend a further spell of time there.

Yesterday was a rumbustious day as at the start nobody was making any sense over what they wanted to do with me. They needed to carry out a biopsy but would it be there and then? Friday or a later date? In the end it was carried out yesterday right from the bed and ward I was in.

I have had problems with my creatinine level, weight, blood pressure, white blood cell count, haemoglobin and potassium.So one of the first things they did was to put me on a drip and to encourage me to eat properly again. This seemed to do the trick as I am now feeling better again. My appetite has returned!

The biopsy (my third) was carried out yesterday and wasn’t at all painful and was over in minutes. I then had to lie flat out on my back for 6 hours which can be really awkward but yesterday, the time passed quickly enough and then an hour towards freedom time, I badly needed a wee! When I was able to get up I was so glad to go to the toilet!

2 hours later (annoyingly) we were able to head home. I spent the final moments of 2008 at hom with my wife and family, which was fantastic.

Well on Friday, I have got to go back to receive the results of the biopsy, have a blood test done to see how the creatinine is doing and the other levels for that matter. Dependent on various paramaters, I may need to stay a night or for a longer while.

We shall see – The Transplant Diary continues…

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