The history of NLP

Things develop and businesses evolve but it’s important to share some
history with you. I realized that none of this stuff is represented
well enough on this site and that I need to expand my gallery more.
Time is my worst enemy.

Nick Lewis Photography (NLP) has it’s roots firmly set in the world of
press and media. We have drifted away from that a little bit in recent
times, as I have been grappling with how to take it all forwards
towards the end of the first decade of this new millenium.

Did you know that we have:

Photographed the moment Paula Radcliffe broke the world record for the
half marathon at South Shields?

Spent some time with James Brown, Arthur Lee (both now deceased),
Sting, Lemmy, Mick Jones and Marianne Faithful all in the same room at
the same time?

Just two of the stories….

Great material for the blog I reckon! The very stuff I will write
about and if you spotted the pic of Ronnie on the home page, that is
another tale…

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D100 for sale

I am selling a few items off, realising that the danger of our loft becoming a cellar and crushing the rest of the house with it, is rapidly becoming a possibility.

Lets start with the old D100 that I haven’t used for over two years….

It comes complete with a battery grip, batteries, charger and strap. No lenses. I am willing to sell to the highest bidder. To place your bid and serious ones only please – Please use the contact us form to contact me privately and not the via the comments!!

More items going on sale soon, once I have managed to get out of the loft without tripping over another piece of photographic history….

Inspired by an exhibition

[image title=”Waiting for a ferry” size=”medium” id=”1991″ align=”center” ]
Portsmouth, Gunwharf Quays – 1/80sec at f / 5.6, 30mm (45mm), RAW, ISO 1600 (auto), D300
The exhibition I went to on Saturday was all about the spaces we inhabit, the people we share those spaces with and their interaction with their own environment. I took this photo after the exhibition but didn’t realise until later that this image must have been inspired slightly by it.
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